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What is the difference between a roll-off bin and a front-load bin?

A front-load bin is a bin with two lids for household waste only and gets placed with our front-load garbage truck. It gets emptied on site in the front-load garbage truck and the same bin will be put back in the same spot, only empty now.

A roll-off bin is a bin without lids, for all kinds of waste material and gets placed with our roll-off truck. We roll the bin off and on the truck and the bin can be replaced with another empty bin.

What's all allowed to go into the roll-off dumpster?

Construction waste, demolition, household waste, wood, old furniture, landscape debris, shingles from roofing jobs, yard cleanups

What kinds of waste can't go into the roll-off dumpster?

Oil, chemical jugs, paint, Freon, tires, batteries, pressure tanks, carcasses, propane tanks and asbestos

Am I allowed to move my own bin?

No, you're not allowed to move the bin, because our trucks may not be able to pick the bin up from where it has been moved to, and you might damage the driveway or road if you move the bin incorrectly.

How high can I fill up the bin?

The bin can not be filled higher than the top of the rim of the bin. If the bin is filled up higher it might be unsafe to transport. If the bin is overloaded, the driver will take off the extra debris and a fee might be charged.

Does the dumpster damage my concrete/asphalt driveway or my yard?

When we place the bin on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt or a dry yard, it will not do any damage to your property. However, when we deliver or pick up a dumpster after periods of rain or snow and we have to drive through a soft yard/lawn, damage may occur. We are not responsible for damage done during delivery or pickup.

Do I have to be at home when my dumpster will be delivered?

No, you don't have to be at home. As long as you tell us over the phone where you would prefer to have the bin placed, the driver will place it there for you if possible.

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